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Internet Business

Network Technology

Site Development *

Web Foundations *

HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist *

JavaScript Specialist *

Web Design Specialist *

E-Commerce Services Specialist *, Multimedia Specialist, & User Interface Designer (Available Senior Year)
* Florida DOE Articulated 3 College Credit Course, see Mr. Fowler for more information

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Education & Industry Statistics

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” — Bill Gates
Time Magazine: Never Offline
  • Florida High School — graduation rate

    While the overall graduation rate has increased for the seventh consecutive year; Florida is still 4% lower than the National average of 80%.

  • Computer Support Specialist — Average Salary

    On average, Computer Support Specialists (Phone Representatives) make about $50,000 p/yr; that's about $24hr for a career requiring NO College Education; may require some Technical Education +Industry Certification.

  • Web Developers — Average Salary

    On average, Web Developers make about $67,000 p/yr; that's about $30hr for a career requiring as little education as an Associate’s Degree and Industry Certifications.

  • Computer Programmers — Average Salary

    On average, Computer Programmers make about $77,500 p/yr; that's about $37hr for a career requiring a Bachelor's Degree and Industry Certifications.

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