July 29, 2016

Web Development

Whether you are talking about design or development, the web is changing at an alarming rate and today’s students need to be prepared to navigate and even work with websites to be successful in business and continuing education! Hopefully, what you can learn from and build upon while attending my classes will make gear you towards a bright and effective future.

The first course available to students beyond Digital Information Technology here at Hudson High is Foundations of Web Design. After successfully completing the two certifications offered, Site Development Associate and Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist you will be prepared to move on into more complex, high thinking & learning courses like:

  • Web Scripting Fundamentals (JavaScript & Java Programming basics)
  • User Interface Design (+Web Design Specialist)
  • Media Integration Essentials (Multimedia & Social Media Integration)
  • E-commerce & Marketing Essentials (Data Analyst and Database mySQL)
  • Interactivity Essentials (Mobile Design & Integration)

While not all classes can be taken in the same year, it is my belief and desire to prepare all students willing to learn at accelerated paces can be afforded the opportunity to learn and excel at the art of Design and Development of the Web! For more information about these higher learning courses, please visit CIW Certification Partners with these supplied links: