August 8, 2014

Digital Information Technology

itStudents will be working towards industry certification in  Network Technology Associate (NTA); as well as Internet Business Associate (IBA). Both will prepare students to work effectively in today’s business environment. These courses are designed online through CIW Certification Partners course curriculum.  They will be learning about the tasks involved in various Information Technology (IT) job roles, and they will learn the foundational skills and technologies used in business. Once certified, you have proven that you have foundational knowledge of important technologies that affect virtually every business. NTA Certification helps student in understanding the fundamentals of networking, Internet protocols and why network security is important for professionals who use computer networks. Furthermore, NTA prepares students for jobs in many business and technology-related careers. This certification proves an individual’s mastery of the basics of computing and network administration. IBA Certification is ideal for all students and professionals who use the Internet on the job.

Besides working towards Industry Certification throughout the year, students will also cover various software applications that employ skills needed to be successful in education and the Business community. We will be covering all aspects of Keyboarding and Word Processing through both Google Apps in Education and Office365 by creating a summary report of each certification learned. We may touch briefly on Spreadsheets and Presentations, but the overall focus will be about the certifications themselves.  Full Course Outline


Lessons learned for Network Technology Associate (NTA) Certification?

  • L1 – Introduction to Networking
  • L2 – Networking Components & Standards
  • L3 – Connecting to the Internet
  • L4 – Internet Services
  • L5 – Hardware & Devise Connectivity
  • L6 – Network & Cloud Security Risks

Lessons learned for Internet Business Associates (IBA) Certification?

  • L1 – Intro to IT Business & Careers
  • L2 – Internet Communication
  • L3 – Intro to Internet Technology
  • L4 – Web Browsing
  • L5 – Multimedia on the Web
  • L6 – Databases & Web Search Engines
  • L7 – Business Email & Personal Information Management
  • L8 – Protecting Yourself Online
  • L9 – Internet Services & Tools for Business
  • L10 – IT Project & Program Management

Did you know?

As technology continues to impact business and industry, today’s employee, whether managerial or support staff, needs extensive knowledge of software applications and database management. Proficiency in keyboarding, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and oral communication is expected across all economic sectors. Increasing office automation and organizational restructuring will continue to require that men and women alike be more productive and skilled in coming years. Business Technology Education provides the knowledge and skills in demand today.

What’s in it for me you say?

Earn industry certification while preparing for college by earn a Gold Seal Scholarship. Build your resume’ with FBLA activities and awards. Work part-time or full time for an above average wage. Be a leader in your community.